Emerge Nevada Alums Win Big in 2022 Election

  • Nov 18, 2022
  • Emerge Nevada
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November 15, 2022

CONTACT: Danna Lovell

Emerge Nevada Alums Win Big in 2022 Election

LAS VEGAS, NV — Emerge Nevada, the state’s premier organization that recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office, delivered big wins up and down the ballot in last week’s election. The organization had 27 alums on the ballot, and 21 alums won their election – a 78% win rate. 15 of the 21 winning alums were incumbent candidates or women who had previously served in public office. Winning alums include new Senator Julie Pazina, new Assemblywoman Erica Mosca, new Las Vegas City Councilwoman Nancy Brune, and three new judges on the bench – Anna Albertson, Jessica Goodey and Kendra Bertschy. Their victories highlight the continued influence that women have in elected offices across Nevada.

This election highlighted the deep divisions in our electorate and the work it will take to bring our community together. We are confident this will be achieved through the 15+ winning alums who are members of the New American Majority: Black, Brown and Indigenous women and women of color, as well as LGBTQ+, young and unmarried women. As Emerge Nevada works to repower the state’s political structures, these alums will be an essential part of expanding representation in our elected offices.

“Emerge Nevada alums were a dominant force on the ballot, and we are thrilled that so many of them have been elected to office and re-elected to continue serving,” said Danna Lovell, Executive Director of Emerge Nevada. “These women are exceptional leaders with backgrounds, experiences and identities that represent the unique diversity of our state. As they did on the campaign trail, these newly elected women will transform our political structures, provide new voices for traditionally underrepresented communities and demonstrate the importance of women in leadership. We’re incredibly proud of them and can’t wait to see all they will accomplish.”

Emerge Nevada alums who won on Tuesday are:

  1. Anna Albertson, elected to Clark County District Court, Department 11
  2. Shea Backus, elected to Nevada Assembly District 37
  3. Shannon Bilbray–Axelrod, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 34
  4. Kendra Bertschy, elected to Reno Justice Court, Department 2
  5. Nancy Brune, elected to Las Vegas City Council, Ward 6
  6. Irene Bustamante Adams, elected to Clark County School Board Trustee, District F
  7. Linda Cavazos, re-elected to Clark County Board of Trustees, District G
  8. Lesley Cohen, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 29
  9. Venicia Considine, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 18
  10. Michelle Gorelow, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 35
  11. Jessica Goodey, elected to Las Vegas Justice Court, Department 6
  12. Lynn Goya, re-elected to Clark County Clerk
  13. Briana Johnson, re-elected as Clark County Assessor
  14. Elaine Marzola, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 21
  15. Daniele Monroe-Moreno, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 1
  16. Erica Mosca, elected to Nevada Assembly District 14
  17. Julie Pazina, elected to Nevada Senate District 12
  18. Melanie Scheible, re-elected to Nevada Senate District 9
  19. Shondra Summers–Armstrong, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 6
  20. Claire Thomas, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 17
  21. Selena Torres, re-elected to Nevada Assembly District 3

Emerge Nevada has a proven track record for getting Democratic women elected. Since the organization launched in 2007, the program has trained over 300 women to run for office. In 2020, the organization saw 71% of its alums on the ballot win their races. Nationally, Emerge has trained over 5,000 alums since 2002 and has more than 1,000 alums in elected office across the country. The organization is committed to reaching 100,000 women of the New American Majority over the next 15 years, fostering a lift-as-you-climb culture for women in politics, and repowering political structures.

For more information, please visit emergenv.org.