Danna Lovell
Executive Director

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado as the eldest daughter of a working-class union family, Danna Lovell lived and learned core Democratic values throughout her childhood. After college, she moved from Colorado to Nevada for her first job and stayed! Home means Nevada to Danna and she is so proud that her partner Al DeJoria and two children, Ashley and Garrett, are native Nevadans born and raised in Las Vegas.

In addition to many career roles throughout the years, Danna has loved her work with Democratic Candidates and with the Democratic Party in Clark County. In addition to various volunteer roles, she served as the County party fundraising chair and was elected as the Corresponding Secretary to the executive board. Currently Danna cherishes her role as the Executive Director in her DREAM JOB with Emerge Nevada; where she guides and trains Democratic Women to run for elected office.